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Selling Above and Below The Line

Skip Miller, founder and President of M3 Learning, is also the author of the runaway best seller ProActive Selling and Selling Above and Below the Line. Skip is also the author to four other best selling books, and as a long-term instructor for the American Management Association (AMA), Skip has authored numerous AMA training programs.

The Advanced Sales School

Experiential 3-day sales course to immediately impact your revenue and start the journey toward ‘best in class’. Fast moving and highly motivating, TASS provides an in-depth review of the absolute essentials while providing challenges above and beyond any standard sales program.

Customized Company Training

Looking for on-site sales training for your business? Our portfolio of customized training programs for the leadership of your sales organization centers on the ProActive Management theories that have been taught successfully to thousands of companies and managers over the last 15 years.

M3 Learning Clients

"During the four years that m3 Learning has trained us, our sales team of seventy has grown over ten-fold. Over the same period, Tableau’s annual revenue growth grew over 80 percent! Yes, that fast."

Kelly Wright - Executive Vice President, Sales at Tableau Software