Win Every Day… You’ll Conquer The Year

Win Every Day… You’ll Conquer The Year

Life With Intention Separates Sales Superstars From The Amateurs

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As a sales superstar, you are adept at speaking above and below the line. We know there’s a benefit to seeing the long-view, and it’s important. When you’re motivating your sales team, however, it’s keeping on task each and every day that builds into the BIG WIN you are looking for at the end of the year.

Apply this methodology when looking at goals. Shorter is better. These bursts of energy breathe life into the long-range goals of the organization. A great sales manager measures goals in weeks and months.

Apply this methodology when looking at goals. Shorter is better. These bursts of energy breathe life into the long-range goals of the organization. A great sales manager measures goals in weeks and months. Think of it like a staircase:

  • Gather your critical information weekly
  • Adjust tactics monthly
  • Reward both positive and negative each quarter

weekly monthly quarterly

I see the term “self-motivated” so many times I find it to be a useless word on the sales floor. Your team isn’t self-motivated. They are motivated, no doubt about that, but it’s not by money and it’s not of their own volition. If you had a team of self-motivated sales professionals, you would see a lot of lone wolves, zero team, and revenue that’s unpredictable. The role of a great sales manager is crucial: To give their salespeople new goals, metrics, and challenges.

Get a Good Perspective

It’s not just about the numbers. To coach effectively (either yourself or your sales team) and win every day, you need to carve out strategy time for yourself. Over the years I’ve gathered numerous ways that top managers strategize. Here are the top five:

1. Coffee Break! “I need to start my day off positively. I drive to my favorite coffee shop, grab a Grande Drip Coffee with cream, and call some of my friends for a ‘virtual coffee break’. These friends can be customers, friends, or a mentor of mine. Once a month I meet with two other Vice President friends of mine who are in completely different industries and we’ll compare notes on what is working and what isn’t. It’s a great way to connect with other VP’s to remind myself that I’m not alone and there are different ways to approach common challenges.”

2. Training. “The best learning I’ve done is with other students. Having dedicated one on one time with peers to compare notes, share struggles, and get a chance to work through the puzzle together gives me insight that just doesn’t happen in other environments. I like being in a learning environment where it’s safe to fail and I have experts around me to guide me to success. I go back to the office motivated and focused, with new tools in my arsenal.”

3. Home Office. “I set up a remote office at home and schedule 2 hour blocks of time where I know I will be working from home. It’s uninterrupted time that allows me to research the industry, review competitive issues, and most importantly, keeps me juiced up for nailing the day to day objectives that equal the win in the long run. I figured out pretty early on in my career that if I didn’t make this time for myself, I would burn out.”

4. Monthly Goal Sheet. “I am used to weekly/monthly/quarterly goal sheets for work. I adopted this method for myself and now have one for my business and one for my personal goals. Every Sunday night I review these goals to ensure they are going to get some attention. The point isn’t that they are being checked off the list, it’s that they are moving in the right direction and I am getting closer to the goal I want to achieve. Progress is what matters.”

5. Community. “I’m a bit of an introvert, but I love where I live. My husband encouraged me to be more involved in our community, and it was some of the best advice for myself personally and my career. After volunteering for some local initiatives, I am now on the City Council and having a great time. Not only does it feel great helping my community, but I am meeting people I never would have previously, and my career has soared as a result.”

To get to the Big Picture Goal, you need to build it piece by piece. Make an effort to move closer to your goal every day. Life with intention is what separates sales superstars from sales amateurs. Use these tools to help build a healthy foundation for your future. Your organization, your team, and you will all benefit from it.