ProActive Account Strategies™

It’s NOT about selling… it’s about how to lead and pull your customers through the buy cycle.

Do you ask yourself:

  • How can I go broader and deeper into major accounts?
  • How can I add more value and get more revenue out of my major accounts?
  • How can I get my key customers to treat me like a partner—not a vendor?

Today’s sales teams are being asked to do more, with less, call high, stay high, and control the sales situation, all of which have dozens of players and options. Dealing with buyers, committees and senior managers can become overwhelming. This is where the major account selling techniques from M3 Learning’s ProActive Account Strategies comes in.

Combining the tactics of ProActive Selling with our Value!(TM) course, ProActive Account Strategies gives you insight and planning opportunities into Major Account Management and Selling techniques. Understanding the customer’s business needs and developing a strategic partner relationship with the account creates the best win-win environment. In this program, you’ll learn how to create templates and target account plans that you can use every day on the job.

Bottom line: Controlling the process means you control the deal. This is especially true with the higher level, complex sales situation.

Key Topics:

  • Learn how to target a key account situation
  • Identify the crucial steps in beginning the relationship
  • Electronically develop the mutual goals and business objectives for both parties
  • Ask the right questions at each stage of the cycle
  • Manage the sales process throughout the organization from the lower ranks to executive management
  • Get on top of key politics and organizational issues that could sabotage your plan
  • Utilize powerful communication and behavior skills to understand buyer motivations
  • ProActively map a sales plan that brings desired results

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