Negotiate Like a Pro: The Art of Sales Negotiations

I know countless sales people who consistently lose deals because they talk too much… but I’ve never met a sales person who lost a deal because he or she listened too much.

Do you want to know:

  • Why does it seem like all my deals come down to price?
  • How can I get my sales team and my sales managers to not give away the store at the end of the month?
  • Is there a process of “negotiation” my sales team can follow so they are not just giving things away?

Without sound negotiation tools, sales reps often revert to price discounting. Negotiate Like a Pro is a sales negotiation training course designed to help sales people understand the point of view of the buyer, present value, and then create a win-win solution based on artful negotiation skills.

Using the tools of Magic Square™ and Position Pyramid™, sales reps will gain a better understanding of the buyer’s needs, resulting in a more effective framework in which to present value. The Magic Square is designed to segment, through a quadrant view, the wants and needs of both parties, so that all issues are on the table. The Position Pyramid allows the sales team to have a defined strategy before the sales negotiation process begins, and know their walkaway.

Through educational lectures and company specific role-plays, negotiations are assessed and negotiation tactics are explored and practiced. Beginning, middle and ending tactics are identified and the process of when to apply each is discussed and addressed.

There are over 20 tactics covered in the Negotiate Like a Pro sales negotiation training program. The main focus is the win-win nature of successful sales negotiations.

Negotiate your way to sales success!

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