Creating ‘Value’ in Sales Transactions

All things being equal, organizations will buy on price. It is up to the sales to create and present the value differentiation… from the buyer’s perspective.

Do you wonder:

  • What concrete ways can my team differentiate and sell on value?
  • How do we personalize and co-create value experiences with our clients?
  • Is there a way the prospect can see the value difference before we start negotiating on price?

Every sales manager wants his/her sales people to call high. Calling high though is not the problem…. knowing what to say when you call high is. Creating value at the top level in any organization is what this course Is all about. Creating Value in Sales Transactions is the sales training extension course to ProActive Selling which does just that.

The senior manager of a prospective company looks at the purchase of your goods or service very differently than a first-level buyer, the one who ultimately uses your product or service. Senior managers buy on value… their value—not yours.

How do you speak the language of value? How do you use the buyer’s definition of value in your sales approach rather than think “If they could just see and understand our value prop”?.

Key Topics:

  • The value-focused approach to sales
  • Understand value requirements of executive management ranks
  • Creating a value prop statement that is not all about you
  • The value continuum: creating value throughout the buy/sales cycle
  • Credibility and communication gaps that sabotage your value prop
  • How to have a value discussion, rather than a feature/function discussion