Advanced Sales School

Three days of Intensive Training on High-Level Sales Skills

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The Advanced Sales School isn’t for everyone—just those whose aim is best in class.

I want to:

  • Capture a higher percentage of my pipeline
  • Improve my prospecting effectiveness
  • Create a powerful introduction on every sales call
  • Be more effective at handling complex accounts with multiple decision-makers
  • WIN deals faster
  • Get my prospects to view me as a partner—not a vendor
  • Set solid meetings with the key decision-makers and learn what to say when I’m there!
  • Control the sales process by strategically engaging my customers at every call
  • Create opportunity in a down market
  • Find out how I can quickly gain and leverage key business intelligence about my accounts
  • Think like a CEO and show my clients that I understand what drives their business
  • Develop presentation skills that will give me the edge over my competition

The Advanced Sales School helps solve those challenges and more. It is a highly interactive, unique seminar, designed for individuals. Top salespeople from a wide range of company types, sizes and industries come together for three days of intensive training on high-level sales skills.

The school’s curriculum is designed around presentation, communication, selling and personal development skill sets. Fast moving and highly motivating, it provides an in-depth review of the absolute essentials while providing challenges above and beyond any standard sales program.

Learn how you can fine-tune your sales approach and capture a higher percentage of your pipeline.

To immediately impact your revenue and start the journey toward ‘best in class’.

Registration Open for November 18-20th, 2019

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