ProActive Sales Management

Avoid the mistakes even great sales managers make and get extraordinary results

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Many sales professionals–even terrific ones—make the transition into management thinking they’ve already got all the skills, knowledge, and experience they’ll need to direct a sales team or run an entire sales organization. But whether you’re responsible for one rep or thousands, being a great sales manager is a whole different ballgame than being a great salesperson. One bad decision can mean permanently lost opportunities–or worse.

ProActive Sales Management training is designed from the award-winning book, ProActive Sales Management, and will help you avoid the common pitfalls and costly mistakes that untold thousands of sales managers, both new and experienced, make year in and year out. This program delivers ‘best practices’ and concrete tools to help you:

  • Manage your team and its individual players more effectively
  • Turn A players into A+ players
  • Manage the process and not just the people
  • Motivate everyone (yes, they do need it)

  • Deal with failures quickly and learn from them
  • Forecast more accurately
  • Reduce energy-sapping paperwork
  • Be a master communicator and coach

Also includes ample case studies, ProActive compensation guidelines, thoughts on territory planning and successful sales meeting guidelines.

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