It’s really simple…. Armchair quarterbacking is dead. Sales managers and sales people need to get tactically better. No one is helping them get better at the point of attack.

Skip Miller is an international best-selling author, presenter and sales trainer. His first book, ProActive Sales Management, was a runaway bestseller and quickly climbed to the top of Now in its second edition, it has since been translated into multiple languages worldwide and become the classic textbook for sales managers, both new and seasoned alike. His recently released follow-up book, ProActive Selling, is being heralded as the new ‘sales bible’ for its field-tested, tool-based techniques. He is also the author of four other bestselling books including ProActive SellingKnock Your Socks Off ProspectingUltimate Sales Tool Kit, and More ProActive Sales Management.

Skip Miller’s passion and ultimate objective is to get sales professionals to stop using tools that are “sales-centric” and start using tools that are “buyer-centric”. He has trained thousands of sales professionals and managers worldwide and provides the cutting edge information they need to consistently exceed their quotas.

Audiences enjoy Skip’s fast-moving combination of stories, examples, humor and practical tools that get results. All keynotes are customized to meet a Client’s goals and objectives.

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Skip Miller of m3 Learning keynote speaking at infusionsoft's infusioncon event

Program Topics

Sales Keynotes are personalized to meet your specific needs. Requests we hear:

  • I want effective, in-the-trenches sales tools that my team can start using on their next call.
  • Is there a way to get my sales team passionate about going after new accounts?
  • My reps’ behaviors and habits are determining their success (or lack of). Can you address the top 5 habits of sales superstars?
  • We need revenue. The pipeline is not coming in. We have a ton of ‘slips’.
  • How can I get my sales team better at qualifying and going broad and deep into current accounts?
  • I want to start the year off with a sales team that knows how to prospect at the right levels and ask the right questions. How can we best do that?
  • We need to shorten sales cycles. My reps need to be able to
    handle complex accounts with multiple decision-makers.
  • I need my reps to think like CEOs, have effective executive level
    conversations, and show clients that they understand what drives their
  • Most of my sales people are reacting to customer requests, especially when it’s for a proposal. How can I get my team to stop selling proposals and get in control of the sales cycle?

We’re available to brainstorm with you about ideas to make your next sales training meeting or event a runaway success!

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