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Sale away: Tenacity, knowledge and people skills drive best reps

M3 Learning Managing Partner Tom Latourette of Chicago, IL. is featured in the Chicago Tribune's article, "Sale away: Tenacity, knowledge and people skills drive best reps", an article featuring nine sales experts delivering advice to new sales reps who are looking to make an impact in the industry they serve.


12 Best Sales Management Books Ever Written says, "The most common mistake made by sales managers is to fall back into old sales rep habits – there is a world of difference between the two roles. William “Skip” Miller’s book is chock-full of field-tested sales management techniques that help sales managers stay one step ahead of the competitive sales environment."


No Fear Sold Here Sales Training Gets out of the Classroom

On a recent afternoon in the Santa Cruz mountains, Gisella Parker climbed steel rungs nailed into the bare trunk of a redwood tree, measuring every step. When she reached the top of the 50-foot stump, Parker hesitated and then jumped into the brisk air.

“It’s all about letting go of the fear,” said Parker, after three of her teammates had lowered her to the ground by cables strapped to her harnessed body…

- Pham-Duy D. Nguyen
Mercury News Staff Writer


Few Sales Management Books that can Favorably Compare to this Bestselling Book

“There are very few sales management books that can favorably compare to this bestselling book. It’s an accessible, practical and winning guide for new and advanced sales managers”

Skip Miller to contribute to Infusionsoft’s Big Ideas Blog

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau

Skip Miller joins a unique group of experts, delivering fresh ideas weekly for the small business owner.