Why We’re Different

It’s NOT about selling… It’s about how to lead and pull prospects through the buy/sale cycle.

Most sales training programs lack practical application strategies. In theory they are good, but students struggle with applying what they learned in the classroom to the field. The success of M3 programs lies in our tool-based trainings that are tailored with real-life examples for each client situation.

During an M3 program, sales professionals are able to practice and fully grasp one tool at a time, using client-specific situations before advancing to the next tool in the buy/sales cycle. M3 tools were designed to accelerate results within an organization and to work in harmony with any sales methodology.

Whether it’s prospecting, qualifying, closing, or negotiating, sales teams need practical bottom line sales tools that help them take control of the process and win the deal. When working with M3, you can expect:

  • Quicker buyer decisions. No more “ghost” or “dark” deals
  • Increase in number of transactions per sales rep
  • Improved forecasts
  • Better quality and quantity of deals in the pipeline
  • More intelligent business conversations with prospects

  • Elimination of “maybes” or bad deals early in the sales cycle
  • Maximized revenue with reps selling on “value” not “price”
  • Control of the sale throughout the buy/sale cycle
  • Lower cost of sales while increasing the average selling price per order

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