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The Power of M3 Sales Tools

What makes some sales people extraordinarily successful, while others, selling the same product and investing the same amount of time and energy, limp along… calling low, missing quotas, and getting stuck in their own pipeline?

What Skip Miller and the M3 Learning team has discovered in working with more than 300,000 sales people from 35 countries is that different results come from using different tools. We’ve also discovered that no matter what the obstacles, every sales person holds within them the power to change anything. It’s a matter of using the right tool at the right time.

Sales reps use M3 tools to help them:
  • Have productive executive business conversations with high-level C players
  • ProActively lead and pull customers through the buy cycle Shorten the sales cycle
  • Get people to call them back
  • Effectively manage their pipeline
  • Get people to buy in a challenging economy
  • Win deals against the entrenched competition
  • Sell to challenging people
  • Win the sale even when their solution is the most expensive
  • Succeed against larger, more established companies
  • Get rid of ‘maybes’ in the sales funnel and get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response from busy decision makers
  • Sell on value (as determined by the prospect), not price
  • Master time management
  • Prospect effortlessly and easily
  • Keep in control of a sales call
  • Avoid spending time on prospects that are a waste of their time Increase average sales price
  • … and more
Sales managers use M3 tools to help them:
  • Hire for talent and turn it into A+ performance
  • Create a culture of sales excellence with quality sales training
  • Get A players to A+ status
  • ProActively manage metrics that lead to revenue
  • Stop selling and start managing
  • Equip their salespeople with the tools they need to take control of the sales cycle and win deals
  • Manage valuable, ego-driven top producers
  • Take effective corrective action
  • Build better relationships with the sales team
  • Coach the entire sales team to maximum performance
  • Master sales cycle control
  • Get C players up (or out) faster
  • … and more

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